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    Copy part of a symbol into a new page

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hello all-


      I'm trying to break down a rather large symbol.  If I highlight the second half of the symbol and copy it into a new symbol on a new page, it becomes all garbled to the point it is impossible to use it.

      I tried using Duplicate but don't know what it did other than it looked like it copied all the elements into the existing symbol?



      1. What does duplicate do and when would it be better than copy/paste?

      2. How can I copy a piece of an existing symbol to create a new symbol?


      BTW - The idea of copying the existing symbol and then removing the part I don't want, although sounds like the best way to do it, will not work as whenever I copy the symbol, or even try to load it into a new page, it becomes garbled as before (This is another discussion, "symbol corrupting on save?").