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    Can an image force the text to move to the next page?


      I'm having trouble with my text flowing to the next page based on the anchored images location. For example, I have a list of instructions, and after one of the lines I have a sample image to go with it. As the text flows down the page it wraps to the next page just fine, but if the image is with the text the image just moves down into the margin instead of moving (and pulling) the text to the next page. I want to avoid putting in a page break in case I add additional content to the document before that line. Is there a setting or way to do this? Here is the effect I'm seeing:




      It seems like a no-brainer that you would want the image to force the content it is anchored to to flow to the next page instead of outside of the text box and into the margins.

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          Looks to me like this is a custom positioned anchored object. If, instead it was an inline anchored object, it would probably work. If you want the first line to travel with the image you'll need to add a keep option to keep at least the first two lines together, if the image is anchored inteh same paragraph, or to keep with next 1 line if you use a second paragraph for the image.