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    upgrading from photoshop elements 4 to 10 problems


      From being a happy user of photo elements 4  I had to upgrade as Win7 64 bits could not handle Elements 4.


      I wish I never had done this as since then I have nothing but troubles and spend so much time trying to

      figure out why tagged photo's I know I have don't show up. Sometimes they do and on the next startup in one occasion only 10

      percent is shown. This is absolutely unacceptable for an organizer.



      One is more or less obliged to upgrade as reorganizing  8000 plus files with  another program would

      take long but with the time I spent so far I could better have shifted to  more reliable \software.


      Is there a solution to this or would it be better to use another program?


      A very unhappy Photoshop Elements user