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    Photoshop Elements 10 Editor not responding

    henderson59 Level 1

      No matter what i try i cannot get the editor to open. Keep getting the dreaded NOT RESPONDING message.


      Software has run ok for months before this.


      Tried deleting the preferences file... no joy


      Uninstalled software then re-installed having deleted preference... no joy.


      Tried creating a direct shortcut to the editor .exe file ... no joy.


      Surely someoneat Adobe knows about this problem!


      By the way the Organiser works fine.



      Can anyone help on this one?

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          ~V Adobe Employee


          You may try the following things-


          - If anti virus is running. try launching with anti-virus turned off or removing PSE from conflicting list.

          - If you have a network printer attached and added as a default printer, wither uninstall and retry or remove it as the default printer.


          Let me know if these do not work!




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            henderson59 Level 1



            I tried your anti-virus solution. I've got windows 8. Trouble finding things but finally managed to turn off firewall. This had no effect.


            Although I've not got a network printer I thought I'd try changing default printer in control panel. This led to a Control panel not responding.


            I then did a restricted startup.Elements loaded after an age. I was able to select a dropdown command but then the not responding message came up.


            I set the start up back to normal and rebooted. This time control panel and elements 8 worked.. though slowly. Further restart and things seem better.


            If it goes wrong again I'll be back in touch.