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    Computer consistently freezes when editing still picture motion control keyframes


      For the past month, I have consistently been dealing with an issue on my 27" iMac that occurs in Premiere CS6 when I'm adjusting motion control keyframes of still pictures. The program causes Finder to crash, locking up my entire system save for my mouse's movement. Nothing can be clicked or commanded via the mouse or keyboard. The only way to get out of this lockup is to perform a hard restart. I assumed this was a video card issue so I brought my computer to the Genius Bar. After several hardware diagnostics and stress tests they confirmed that nothing was wrong with my hardware or OS whatsoever. They told me to reinstall Premiere and, if that didn't work, to call adobe. I did this, and the phone operator told me that the computer is at fault and that the Mac people were completely wrong. But he also added that I should try booting the computer in safe mode and simulate the problem. I did this and couldn't recreate the problem. Therefore he told me to create a new username within my computer and edit under that. I did this after many hours later and the problem is back. I have been very patient with this because I have several projects due that require my computer to not be out of comission, in service, however I'm getting sick of this as I pay money for this product to work and it's convenience was the main reason why I switched from FCP 7 to Premiere and cannot wait much longer for a solution to quicken my workflow.