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    Turning Subclip into IDENTICAL Master


      Hi all,


      I'm working on a documentary with some very long takes that we like to break down, sometimes leaving no use for the original complete clip. We want to take subclips that we made in prelud and turn them into master clips for editing to make organization easier, without exporting them as new movie files and taking up space. I know you can go to edit subclip > convert to master clip in Premiere, but it turns it into the same length clip as the original master, rather than keeping the in and out of the subclip but giving it master clip status.


      In the Adobe help it says:


      Subclips reference the master clip’s media file. If you delete a master clip or take it offline and keep its media on disk, the subclip and its instance remain online. If you take the original media off disk, the subclip and its instances go offline. If you relink a master clip, its subclips remain linked to the original media.

      If you recapture or relink a subclip, it becomes a master clip, and all ties to the original media are broken. The recaptured media includes the subclip’s referenced portion of the media only. Any instances of the subclip are relinked to the recaptured media.



      I tried to use this feature on purpose to make my subclips master clips, but to no avail. I tried removing the XMP files (we are using AVCHD cards) from the folder to see if that helped trick it.


      Is there a way to make these subclips masters without them becoming the length of the original master clip? Perhaps through the process described above, but with some added tweak that I have not thought of?


      Thanks very much!