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    After Effects - Render failed, moved main clip on accident *Need Help ASAP*


      Using CS6 on iMac And very new to After Effects, dumped 10 hours into school video class project final DUE TOMORROW

      *Urgent help*!!!!! Render Failed because I moved a clip on accident. How do I fix it? Hours were put into the video, and it shows up as a colored screen, and i tried putting the original video file back in the project, and even proxied but wont render. DUE TOMORROW HELP ME PLEASE I am new to After Effects and I am currently stressed the hell out

      It will make my day if somebody can help me solve my problem.

      Hope I get a quick response


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, make sure you save your project, then save it again under a different name.

          Second, can you see your footage in the composition window?

          If the first two steps are complete then close AE and reboot your system.

          Now open the project again and make sure that the composition looks as it should. If it does then delete everything from the render cue and add your project. Pick a suitable production codec and try a render.


          If AE Crashes again or the render doesn't complete then reboot again but this time open Adobe Media Encoder and add the project to the cue there. Pick a good delivery codec like h.264 using one of the delivery codec presets. Render again.


          For any more suggestions we need to know all about your project, your system, the type of footage, your render settings, your comp settings, the codecs used in the original footage, the file types used in the project. Without details we can only guess at a solution.