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    Incorrect images from .indb file export to ePub in Indesign CS6


      I am having problems exporting images to ePub and get a different result from the same file depending on whether I export directly from the .indd file or from the .indb file.

      When I export to ePub from the individual chapter (.indd) file, everything is fine and the images appear in the correct locations where they have been anchored.
      When I export via the book  (.indb) file, images are being replaced with the incorrect file in the resulting ePub.
      Looking at the HTML, it seems not all images are being exported from the .indb file and when the image is missing, Indesign is substituting the next available image from the alphabetical list in the images folder so I'm getting incorrect images peppered throughout the book.

      Any idea where I've gone wrong and how to fix it? I've produced several ePubs with images and never come across this before.
      More details on how I've set up the files and any other info I think might be relevant below if needed.


      - I'm using Indesign CS6 (8.0.1)

      - I'm producing an 11 chapter book.
      - Each chapter is a separate .indd file for ease of editing.

      - These 11 files have been added to an .indb file for export to ePub.

      - Images are all anchored to their captions within the text.

      - On Export to ePub settings for images I have selected to insert a page break before the image and that settings apply to anchopred objects.
      Nothing else is selected (I don't want to preserve appearance from layout.)

      - I'm using the Articles panel feature for order of content.

      - In the original file supplied, the images were placed as .tiff images. I saved them to jpeg and relinked them using the "relink to folder" and "match same file but this extension" options.
      - No links are flagged as missing.


      Any help much appreciated.