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    Issue with imported mp4 video audio out-of-sync in Adobe software (encore, premeire & media encoder)


      I have recorded TV shows in mp4 format that I was trying to burn to a DVD using Encore CS6 and the end result was horrible audio video sync (2-3 seconds off).  After digging into it I found the audio sync problem is visible in the monitor within Encore.  I also tried Premeire Pro CS6 and it show the sync issue in the source monitor as well as the project monitor when added to the timeline.  I have used the Media Encoder to change formats and it also has the audio sync problem.  The irony is that in any media player (windows, VLC etc) the audio/video are fine.  Also I used Sony DVD Architech for comparison and everything worked fine and was in sync.  I have searched the forums and it seems like there are audio sync problems but none that I found were of a similar situation.  I also have found way to try to resync the two within the Adobe programs, however I really don't like this idea as it seems every other software I try has no problem, however Adobes software (which in theory should be much more superior) have this issue. 


      Is there anything I may be missing?


      PC:  Windows 8 64bit, 8gb ram, i7-2600k, AMD 7870

      Source Media:  mp4, 4-8 GB per file, 1080p 29 f/s, ~4500kbps, audio 159kbps, stereo, 48kHz