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    check boxes that turn layers on and off


      hay all


      im fairly new to this part of adobe but i have a good understanding


      what i need i to be able to have check boxes that turn layers on and off when the tick is shown and when it is not


      i know this is possible through scripting but i dont have the ability as of yet to carry out the scripting


      is someone able to write a basic script for me or help me to understand what i need




      i want the script to be for when a check box is clicked (mouse up) that a layer that was oringaly turned off to be turned on (electricalplan)

      once the tick is removed i need the layer to turn off again


      i need to do this for mulitple layers (about 10)

      so i would just use the same script for each replacing the name with the correct name.


      i also need the check boxes to work together so that i can have multiple turned on at the one time (electricalplan) (sewerplan) (waterplan)