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    Can someone help me troubleshoot my Edge Animate project? nothing works!

    RuesterProd Level 1



      I have my whole project in there... plus my portfolio_page div is using a jQuery plugin called Quicksand to filter some thumbnails/videos that I want to have work as well... (Here's a link to what that is supposed to look like: http://www.ruesterprod.com/edgeTest_c/ - click on the square green and black buttons )


      I can't seem to get ANYTHING to work, except for a neat opening animation! I hope I'm not just a complete imbecile and missing totally obvious things!...


      1) I've put a play action on my "portfolio_btn" but it won't play the requested label on my timeline...


      2) I've tried linking local font files using the Edge Animate "Add fonts" menu because I was trying to create new button symbols to replace the button text I currently have (Thinking that might be part of issue #1 - Edge won't recognize the font files within the program - the fonts you see are from my original html file)


      3) Is it possible to create symbols from my current html document's divs? Or how can I nest my divs into a symbol's timeline?



      Thanks for any help at all! Even if I only get one of these issues fixed at a time that's totally awesome!!