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    What is it called? Templated Sequence?


      I am struggling trying to determine the name/concept of what I am trying to do:

      Is it possible to create a sequence (or other object) that I can define properties/filters so I can easily replace the media with different media file?


      For example, I have many photographs that I can process to all be the same size (dimensions). If I define a sequence that will animate 50 images, defining movement, scale (zoom), etc., can I easily change out the 50 image files with another set? So that I can quickly create moving/animated image sequences.


      It seems this should be possible. My searches are not yeilding results.


      Thanks for the help

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          You can make this happen yourself.


          Picture this. You have a directory with 50 images that you used in a Premiere Pro project.You planned ahead so the names of the files look like A0001 though A00050. (other wise you will have to find 50 files instead of finding one and letting the software do the rest.


          Once you are done with that project, Move the directory or rename it. You don't want Premiere Pro to find it where it was before.


          Take a copy of the project file and put it into the new directory structure. What you want to happen is that when you open the program, Premiere Pro can't find the media, but when you tell it that the files are in a particular directory, it find the 50 pictures with the names A0001 though A00050 and be perfectly happy to open. You then make any last minute adjustments and export.


          Repeat as desired.

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            paddyz123 Level 1

            I think what he is looking for is some sort of macro that records a series of edits he does to one image, and then applies that macro to the other 49 images so that they will all be processed the same way, and he does not have to repeat the process 50 times.


            I am not aware of such 'macro' capability in PP.  However, after you finish editing the first image, you can simply copy the edits for that image, and select all other 49 images, assuming they are all on the same timeline, and paste the edits to them.  Then, all images will have the same edits.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I don't think that's what he want's Paddy.  He said the sequence with all effects was already created, and he wants to swap out the original 50 images with 50 new images.


              Steven's way is the best (only?) way, I think.

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                calieddie Level 1

                Thank you for this information, it will accomplish what I am trying to do. Is this way it is done, or are there plug-in or other software for doing this kind of work? I come from a photo background, so much of this video layout/sequencing is new to me. Just seems like I'd like to spend a bunch of time to make a sequence that can then plug-and-play different media content. However, seems all filters/settings are set on a specific media file. So I can see why using generic filenames will work, as swapping out the media files will result in new pictures.


                Thank you for your time.

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                  wfmc staffer Level 2

                  Professional software tends to be more manual in operation. You might want to look at more consumer in solutions for automation.


                  Even in the solution described above, you will likely run into issues with photos being different sizes or layout. If using motion, the composition of individual photos usually determines the direction and velocity of motion/scale settings. If you aren't employing these tools, again a consumer product may suite you better.

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                    cvid01 Level 4

                    Other software that may be able to do what you want is one called "ProShow Producer" from Photodes: http://www.photodex.com/proshow


                    I do use it for slide shows. You can set up a slide show, save it as a template, then use that template with different photographs. I believe you can try out the software. I only use it. I am not affiliated with it. Others may know of different slide show software that can do what you want. I have had success with ProShow Producer.

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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      I believe that my way works fine in Premiere Pro. I use it for training videos all the time. No need for other programs.


                      However, if you are going to do this a lot, I suggest that you take a copy of your first file, and the directoris you used, and rename everything. For example, for weddings, you might want to name files something like


                      Getting ready - dress

                      Getting ready - make-up

                      Getting ready - bridesmaids


                      Stuff like that. So when you shoot a new wedding, you have a list of the 50 names and you change the names of the pictures you are planning to use to match the list.