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    Presenter Interaction Certificates

    DMS LT Manager

      Anyone know how I can  insert my own certificate or where I can download more certificate templates for presenter?

      The link only takes me to the main purchasing page. 

      Also need more detail on how to produce certificates after someone has completed a presenter developed module



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The certificate interaction is not really editable, as far as I know.


          If you are looking to have a custom certificate, I'd recomend you look at the certificate that Andrew Chemey (Adobe) created. The listed documentation is for an AS2 certificate (won't work with the current version of Presenter), but he does have a current version that works.


          I'll point out this thread to him so he can reach out to you if you need.


          Certificates for Presenter/Captivate:



          Certificates for Connect:


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            teriw39139902 Level 1

            I redesigned the quiz results page to look like a certificate. I then made a small Flash file that is used for the person's name.