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    How to embed assets (GUIs) from different files, which are sharing common assets (BGs, Buttons)?

    Timo Kloss Inutilis

      I'm working in a bigger game project with a lot of Popups and GUIs. We use [Embed ...] in the code, to be able to implement the user interfaces.

      At the moment we have all GUIs in only one FLA, as they are sharing a lot of assets. The problem is, when several people work on the file, it can be difficult to merge the results, so we are looking for a way to put each GUI in an own file. The problem are the shared assets.

      We tried a runtime shared library, but this does not work with [Embed] (actually, we don't want to load extra files).

      We tried an authortime shared library, but this just creates (synchronized) copies in each FLA, so in the target SWF with the embeds, we have duplicated assets.


      Does anybody have a solution for this problem?