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    Problem with errors re path to class files

      I am trying to fix the installation of Flash 8 on my machine at a large corporation. The app was installed remotely. First time around, no class files were installed. On the second try, I think they were installed, but I don't understand how the path settings work (under Preferences/Actionscript) and am getting nowhere.

      I want to learn how to use the transition and tween classes.

      Here's a sample error message:

      **Error** C:\Documents and Settings\sm87191\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\Configuration\Classes\FP8\MovieClip.as: Line 51: The class or interface 'flash.geom.Transform' could not be loaded.
      var transform:Transform

      I think that the files needed are in the First Run directory, not in Configuration.Both First Run and Configuration directories have been installed in "en" (above). I tried adding that class path under preferences (by browsing to the directory), but am not really sure about the exact directory I should be aiming for. There are several directories in First Run. Do I need to add all of the paths? Do I need both FP8 and mx directories? The error messages include both, so I am guessing the answer is YES.

      I was getting 19 error messages. Then I accidentally deleted the absolute global classpath from Actionscript preferences... and I only got 11 errors!

      I am really confused!