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    How to run a function from a scripted MC


      I haven't used AS1 in a while and I do not know why my code isn't working and I don't knnow how to fix it, I have been playing around with it and trying to figure out how to get to a function or run a function which is on the main timline from an mc or even just skip to that code (since its the last frame of my MC) the MC includes nothing but actionscript to gather information to save/create a .txt file.


      Basically how can I run a function on the main timeline from where I am now?


      if (_root.ssFileSave != "?") {

      _root.filename = _root.ssFileSave;



      onsaver is the function I am trying to run and I have tried all sorts to get it working properly :S


      win 7 cs5 as1 (+using SWF studio which I am using to create and save file(s))