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    (CQ Data Modeling) how not to design more than 1,000 child nodes under a node???




      I met a CQ vendor who said that they usually don't put more than 1,000 child nodes under a node.
      I understand why they recommend this as a best practice in terms of easiness and speed of data management.

      However, if this is true, how can I resolve my situation as below.


      (My Situation)

      I have 200,000 articles. If I want to locate this under a node called "Articles" in the strucutre as Home > Articles > actual articles. And I don't have a specific category for these article so I want to put everything under this node "articles". What should I do?


      Here is why I want to design in this way:

      - From users point of view, you can click "Articles" tab and see most popular 100 articles on the landing page,

      but you can still search by title or any keywords out of the 200,000 articles.

      - For editors point of view, since there is no specific category, you can come to "Features" node and simply create a new article,  and tag them with many keywords as they want.


      Even though I try to follow the recommended best practice, I found issues like below:

      - How can I create 200 categories to distribute 200,000 articles into?

      - Let's say I did it somehow. Then what if a category grows more than 1,000 articles. Should I break it as 2 categories again?

      - If I put 200k articles into 200 categories, the web navigation structure should follow the same? so I lose the function to search an article from the total pool of articles. Is this right?