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    Lost access to paid features


      I have a paid subscription for FormsCentral but today I'm not able to access the paid features while I'm working on one of my forms.  I'm concerned that my forms that are live on our site may be affected by this problem also. I'm waiting to chat with Adobe Support. However, FormsCentral was not listed as a product for dicussion through that chat service which I was guided to on Adobe's site. My subscription doesn't expire until February of this year and my account is set for automatic renewal. What can be done to resolve this quickly?

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Do all of your other forms have the paid features enabled? If so, its likely the form you are editing was created by someone with a free account and it was shared with you. The feature level of a form is determined by the author's account.


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            sruether Level 1

            I figured out what caused this problem for me. A co-worker logged on using her personal account, as she does when viewing forms that were shared with her. She created a form that I was to complete later. She therefore was designated as the "author" of the form and I was the "co-author". She isn't the owner of the FormsCentral account so her form didn't allow the paid features to be accessed. I'm the owner of the account. I was able to get around the problem by duplicating the form which automatically made me the author and gave me access. Interesting. Good to know and share.

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              sruether Level 1

              Hi, Randy.


              Wow. I didn't see your comment and sure enough that's what I discovered. Thanks for your very quick reply to help!