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    RH9 WebHelp problem with Next and Previous Topic buttons

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      The Next Topic and Previous Topic buttons don't work as expected. For example, if I navigate to several topics and click Previous Topic, I expect to see the most recent topic that I viewed (similar to using the Back button in a browser to see the previous page). However, the Previous button is either not available or takes the user to a random topic, and the Next Topic never brings up the next topic.


      I inherited this project, my first experience with RH9, and so am not sure whether the previous author included something in the project to make the buttons show up or whether these buttons are part of the default WebHelp interface. I've looked in the Single Source Layout properties for each output, but don't see any place to specify info about these buttons.


      As you'll see in the screen capture, this is not about Browse sequences (I saw that there were other questions about Next and Previous as related to Browse sequences).


      All help appreciated because this bug was found by QA and they'd like to fix the problem in the next patch ...


      Carol1-25-2013 11-09-41 AMNextPrevProblem.png