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    2 differents graphic cards at the same time for Mercury engine

    Jean_Kurlm Level 1

      Hi !


      I'm working on 4K footage (R3D) with CS6 Premiere and Blackmagic Resolve, on a 6-cores i7-3930K (without integrated graphic card inside the CPU).

      I decided to buy 2 graphic card, because Resolve "need" one simple graphic card for the software interface (GT610 1Gb with 48 CUDA cores),

      and one strongest for the calculation (GTX680 4Gb with 1536 CUDA cores).


      So I'd like to know if Premiere is like Resolve and if it will use the dumb card for the software, and the second for the CUDA engine inside MPE ?

      Or will it use the 2 cards at the same time, like 48 + 1536 = 1584 CUDA cores ?

      Or will it use only one of those 2 card ? And in this case, how can I chose the right one ?

      (modify a configuration file, or put the strongest card in the first PCI slot in exemple ?)


      Thanks for your help.  ; )

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          Jean_Kurlm Level 1

          Thank you John !


          Ok, I read those thread... so, to summarize (and to be sure I understood everything) :


          1) Premiere don't work with 2 GPU at the same time (no SLI / no 2x graphic card "alone").

          2) I need to install the strongest graphic card (used in MPE) in slot 1, and the second graphic card (connected to my DVI displays) in slot 2.

          3) I have to be really careful with drivers (but it's the same manufacturer, EVGA, and the same line, GT and GTX, so I don't think there will be problems)

          and if I have problems, just need to desactivate the CUDA processing (in the drivers panel) of the card just used for the displays.


          Can you just confirm me I'm right ?



          (And, about Resolve, I saw the same slot configuration on the manual, so I hope everything will work :  )


          MAC PRO SLOT CONFIGURATION Optimum two GPU configuration

          Slot                    Board                                            Function

          4                        HBA or RAID card                          Storage interface

          3                        Capture card                                  Video & audio I/O

          2                        Single width GPU                          GPU for GUI

          1                        Single or double width GPU          GPU for image processing