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    Editing SWF

    kairosmatt Level 1


        I am trying to edit this flash into a project:



      Dolphinkind, the owner of the animation, has sent me two versions of the file, one without the loading screen and one with, but something funny keeps happening.


      When I download either file, the animation plays fine in Adobe Flash Player. But if I import it into Premiere, or After Effects, it stops working. When you scrub through the timeline, it doesn't show any animation, except the loading screen. When you get to the picture of the dolphin, it has no animation over it. Not only that, but it also stops working in Flash Player as well. Pressing control-enter, or rewind, or step forward/back doesn't do anything. Redownloading the file resets the whole process.


      I must be missing something with Flash-there must be something I'm not understanding.


      Does anyone have any ideas?