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    Updating Webhelp About button


      How can I update the information in the About button in the toolbar for help generated using Webhelp?  I have the copyright information for my project in there and it has gotten out of date, but I can't find where to update it.  The About file in my baggage files list is .htm and it won't open for me.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          This sounds like you need to edit your skin. Once in the Editor, click on the About button and click on this icon:


          This will bring up a dialog that has your copyright info. Just change as necessary and regenerate your output.

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            AIR-Chayah Level 1

            This was interesting because it made me check the copyright date of the skin used with my WebHelp Pro project.

            • When I clicked Edit, RoboHelp displayed the "Critical error of Source Control Provider. Please restart IDE." error. I clicked OK.
            • Then, when I tried to edit the skin, it displayed the "Cannot Complete Operation" error because the file could not be checked out from version control. (This sequence of errors occurs every time I generate the Help, too. After generating the Help, I have to shut RH down and open it again in order to keep working on the project..)
            • In this case I had to edit the copyright date by opening the skin in an external editor.
            • When I regenerated the Help, I didn't even see the About box.
            • When I opened the Skin Editor again, I saw that it's a WebHelp Skin Editor. I assume that, for some reasons known only to RoboHelp, the About Box does not appear in WebHelp Pro output.



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              Hi, have you managed to figure out what causes the error each time you compile? We have the same problem, after each compilation we have to shut down RoboHelp and start again. We are using TFS for source control.

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                AIR-Chayah Level 1

                Hi -- Unfortunately I've not found out what causes this problem, been too busy troubleshooting other issues. I'll try to post the question to the forum in a new thread. -- Carol