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    Import photos into a catalog

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          gordy jenkins

          For some reason I cannont import photos from a memory card.  My only options involve files already in the system.


          What do I do to show (again) D800 as an option, and then 'import'?

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            dj_paige Level 10

            What version of Lightroom are you using? What operating system?


            When you say "cannont (sic) import", exactly what happens?


            Is there an error message? If so, quote it exactly.

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              web-weaver Level 5

              In the Import Dialog at the top center have you selected <Add> or <Move>?


              <Add> is for importing photos from the hard drive when you don't want to change their location.

              <Copy> is for importing photos from camera or memory card.

              <Move> is for importing photos from hard drive but you want to move them to a different location.

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                Jasonized Level 3

                And an often confused issue, LR will not allow you to add or move on import from a memory card.  Only copy is avaialble.


                The claimed reason is that LR will not allow itself to be responsible in any way for a possibility of harming your originals.  An attemped move is actually a copy-delete sequence, and since LR (nor the operating system) will actually _verify_ the copy is correct before deleteing the oriiginal, LR simply won't do it.


                Your opinions won't matter to the Adobe team, we've heard them all on that subject, trust me. :}



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                  jennylens Level 1

                  How to update the internal database so it STOPS renaming my files! I am importing images and LR3 keeps adding -2 at end of file name. I DO NOT want -2. I CANNOT rename the files within LR (in the Library module or anywhere else). I have NO other physical copies of images in my database. This is a new problem, been using LR for over 1 yr. I have no idea how to fix this. Driving me outta my mind!


                  Sometimes I accidentally import into wrong folder, can't find it, then re-import. I delete earlier copies. MOST of the time I importing for the first time. I've tried copy, move, add, nothing works. How to update the internal database so it STOPS renaming my files! I often name on the desktop. Like when I scan or download.


                  I am spending HOURS trying to resolve this. Sometimes I put into a new folder, then move the files. BUT that doesn't work most of the time. I am in tears. Really frustrated. I am VERY picky about my filenames.


                  WHAT TO DO? Thanks in advance. Will anyone write me or will I get an email if there's an answer?? I don't see where to request to follow this thread.

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                    areohbee Level 6

                    Hi Jenny,


                    Maybe if you started a new thread dedicated to your particular difficulty it would get more attention.


                    Lightroom definitely has a bug in it - thinks it needs to rename for uniqueness when it doesn't.


                    That said, I've no idea how to fix it, except it seems *maybe* root of problem is in catalog. Consider rebuilding somehow. e.g. if there is a backup which doesn't have the problem, then you could fall back to it, then re-import newer photos. I dunno if it's a prefs thing, I suspect not, but you could always try renaming .agprefs file (without Lr running) to double-check. Ditto for previews and acr cache - maybe you'll get lucky, but I doubt it.


                    I mean, if you start a new catalog, then import into it, do you still have the same problem?


                    Personally, I rebuilt my catalog using LrFourB in conjunction with a half-dozen other plugins, but it's far from a "turn-key" method, to say the least, so not really recommended unless you really like to roll up your sleeves...


                    Not sure what else to say - Adobe has not acknowledged the problem, yet (on the feedback forum), but you and I know: it's there . You may want to go add your .02 there if you haven't already:


                    http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/add_filename_sequence_1_incorrect_re name_of_photos_in_lr3




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                      jennylens Level 1

                      I figured it out after spending many many hours over the last few weeks. ADD works fine! Doesn't rename 'em. I NEVER had that problem til recently.


                      I quite often upload, edit, resize, watermark, rename, then do some more editing on the desktop. BECAUSE it's IMPOSSIBLE to drop and drag plus there's no move to another folder. I am forced to used the desktop when I run out of screen space. I drag up or down, hit the end of the window, and I'm stuck.


                      OR if I'm in a hurry and need to email jpgs to ppl, I export to desktop. THEN I import LR wants to change names. No no no. I have HUNREDS of thousands of images. I am very organized. I determine the names, not software.


                      I don't understand how or why LR doesn't include the rebuild option. I've worked w/databases. I taught ppl how to use Access. I work in WordPress. I understand more than the basics of databases. I don't understand the Adobe programmers.


                      WHAT really drives me outta my mind: insane default for viewing via captured time. I don't give a darn about that. I am a photographer, I DO organize and name my files.


                      I wanna see BY NAME. I took pix of early punk bands many decades ago. I scan public domain clip art and photo CDs I licensed yrs ago. I don't care when the photos were input into computer. NAMES are far more logical. URGH.


                      I don't want more catalogs. Maybe if I started a new thread ... I usually do that on forums. Thanks for feedback link and yr help!! ;-)


                      Thanks Rob ;-)

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                        areohbee Level 6

                        Glad you found some remedy.


                        If it's any consolation, learning Lr is frustrating for a lot of people, but fun too .