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    Another strange RAID 0 SSD query with Asus P9X79 Pro - RAID array appearing in AHCI mode


      Hi all, I found this thread:




      very helpful, as it describes a similar situation to my case (same motherboard).  Here is my situation:


      historically, this was my setup (all on Asus P9X79 Pro motherboard):


      2 x 120Gb Intel 320 SSDs.  Operating system on one of them, Lightroom catalogue and photoshop scratch disk on the other.

      1 x 2TB WD SATA 3 HDD.  All images and other data etc

      1 x blu-ray DVD burner


      As I am now needing video editing, I have just bought Premiere Pro.  My OS SSD was also getting quite full.  So, I took the plunge and bought a Samsung 830series 256GB SSD.


      My plan was this:


      (a) make the Samsung the new OS drive, so lots of spare space for the SSD to play with (plugged into one of the 6 GB/s ports)

      (b) make a RAID 0 of the two Intel SSDs (i.e. 240GB volume) to act as Lightroom catalogue, PS scratch disk and Premiere Pro media cache, previews etc etc. This would be on 2 of the 3GB/s ports

      (c) keep the 2TB WD HDD for data. (plugged into the other 6 GB/s port)

      (d) plug the Blu-Ray drive into another of the 3 GB/s ports


      However, I was having a nightmare reinstalling the OS from scratch, so I ended up using Norton Ghost to port the OS across from the Intel SSD to the Samsung SSD.  I didn't have a lot of faith that it would work, but it did.... eventually.  I have checked SSD alignment and it is correct, and I benchmarked the Samsung and it is flying - it is running to reported values according to AS Benchmark.  So, I think that one is working fine - great stuff.


      However, this left me with the two Intel 120GB SSDs to try to make into a RAID 0.  Apart from the fact that my OS was already installed (and so no F6 driver install), I followed the instructions/suggestions of frogo369 in the forum thread I linked to above.  I changed the SATA mode to RAID in the UEFI and then defined the RAID in the CTRL+I  Intel RST option ROM utility.  I then rebooted the PC.... oh dear.....


      The PC started and got as far as the swirling Welcome to Windows sign (i.e. before log on appears), but then came the Blue Screen Of Death - and it gets into a never-ending reboot cycle.  :-(


      So, I figured that this was because I had changed my SATA mode in the UEFI from AHCI to RAID, but the OS was obviously from a time when I was only on AHCI.  Therefore, I changed the SATA mode back to AHCI in UEFI.  thankfully, the computer now boots successfully once more into Windows.




      Weirdly (for me at least!), when I look at the list of disks in Disk Management, I could see the RAID.  It was "unallocated", so I formatted it.  It formatted fine.  I then opened the Intel SSD toolbox, and it can see the RAID 0 (it even defines it as such).  The only thing it won't let me do is really "interact" with it as it says I need Intel RST drivers of 11.0 or newer.  But I don't think they are available for the X79 chipset - so no TRIM I think??  I've just benchmarked the RAID and it is doing good numbers - >500Mb/s read and 400Mb/s write if I remember correctly.


      But anyway, my question really is two-fold:


      (a)Firstly - how can I see this RAID/how is it working, if my BIOS is set to AHCI mode not RAID??


      (b)am I likely to see a rapid detioration in the speed of the RAID, given that presumably TRIM won't be working on it?


      Sorry for such a long explanation - and no doubt I've missed out huge bits of info you need anyway!  But, any help, advice or direction would be very, very, gratefully received!