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    Blu-Ray cheaply?


      I'm shooting an entire season of games of lacrosse in 1080x1920 hi-def AVCHD. This will probably end up being 20 hours of video. I use PE to assemble footage.


      The parents of the 20 or so players all want the footage as cheaply as possible, but they still want hi def. Last year I burned them expensive Blu_ray discs . This year they want something less expensive. One parent even proposed thumb drives or maybe a huge 2TB drive. Youtube limits length and size so I can't upload there. Any ideas? Thanks.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, I suppose, since you're talking about 250-300 gigs of space, a hard drive would be one alternative. Though blank BluRays only cost about $1 - $2 each Amazon, so I'm not sure so it's a more economical alternative.


          While sites like YouTube limit your file size (and greatly reduce the quality of what you post anyway), you an also rent space and put up your own web site relatively cheaply from people like Yahoo -- and you can put whatever you want up there. Your biggest challenge would be coming up with a high-quality, high-def video format that you can stream over a typical broadband connection.


          I still say BluRays are your best alternative, at about $1.50 a disc. Assuming of course you can get these proud parents to kick in $25-30 each to reimburse you for the media.