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    Run-time error causing Presenter 8 crashing?


      Hello -- I have been using Adobe Presenter for over a year, and 1/1 rolled over to Adobe Presenter 8 and have had nothing but problems.  It randomly crashes, and shuts down when I am working in it and constantly wants to disable the add-in.  The only error that I ever get is when I open a presentation:


      Run-time error '-2147467259 (8000405) - Slideshowwindow (unkown member): Invalid request.  Automation rights not granted.


      Any ideas on what this error is?  Frustrated with Adobe Support right now, as I have called in several times and they keep just installing and uninstalling Presenter - they never really say anything about this error when I tell them about it and curious what it is.





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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi Susan,


          Sorry for the inconvenience.

          Could you please share a presentatin where you are finding the problems.

          What OS are you using ? What powerpoint version ?

          Does it happen when you work on some specific features or is it random ?

          You may inbox me your presentation at alpagarw@adobe.com

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            If you notice carefully, this runtime error would show up only in some presentations when you try to open them in Powerpoint.These are probably the ones prepared on another computer or another version of Powerpoint:


            Please try the following:

            1. Open the Run command (Windows key+R) or type Run in the Start menu search.

            2. In the run command window please type " powerpnt /safe " and click OK. This opens powerpoint without the Adobe Presenter add-in.

            3. Then close powerpoint. And re-launch it normally.

            4. Now, try using Presenter on a new powerpoint file. If Presenter features work fine, this implies, there is not problem with Presenter.

            5. Now please make a copy of your Powerpoint files in a different location (like a backup)

            6. Open one of these files in Powerpoint, Go to File / Home > Save as and save the file as a new copy (as mentioned in the image attached below)

            7. Please select Save As Type as Powerpoint Presentation (.pptx) and from the File name please make sure you only have the name of the file entered without any extensions.

            8. And then re-open the newly saved presentation, and check if you still receive the Runtime error. You mus now also be able to use the Adobe Presenter features on the presentation.


            I hope this works!





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              Nealf21 Level 1

              I have had the same problem, but the suggested fix does not work. 


              Although the PowerPoint files run fine without Presenter add-in, this does not mean that Presenter is a source of the problem because the problem only occurs when Presenter is used.


              It would be helpful if we could be given a list of things that might conflct with Presenter 8, so that we can troubleshoot our files. I have tried removing all auto playing audio, all audio files, all <, &, and " symbols. 

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                Alie_B Level 1

                Hello Neal,


                Please try the following:


                1. If Presenter is a part of a suite on your computer, please uninstall only Presenter and Presenter Video Creator (from the suite setup)

                2. If it is a standalone Presenter, please uninstall the same, along with Presenter Video Creator

                3. Open Registry Editor, And backup (Right Click > Export > Save to Desktop) the following keys before deleting them:

                     > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Presenter

                     > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Presenter Video Creator

                     > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Presenter

                     In case either of these keys are not present - it should be okay.

                4. Now, reboot your computer, and then reinstall Presenter. If it is a part of the suite, please install it from the setup of the suite. And if it is a standalone Presenter, please install it from the Presenter standalone setup.


                And before you check any of your files, please ensure you back them up.


                I hope this helps



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                  SMackowiak Level 1

                  Hi -- When I was having these issues, I eventually got to this point... not sure if it will help you or not:



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                    Alie_B Level 1

                    Thanks Susan.


                    @ Neal, Please check what Susan just posted here, it looks helpful and easier to follow. You may try reinstallation as the next troubeshooting step (if needed)

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                      Nealf21 Level 1

                      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


                      This seems to have worked.