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    Best Practices for CS6 - Multi-instance (setup, deployment and LBQ)

    AJDValien Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      We recently upgraded from CS5.5 to CS6 and migrated to a multi-instance server from a single-instance. Our current applications are .NET-based (C#, MVC) and are using SOAP to connect to the InDesign server. All in all it is working quite well.


      Now that we have CS6 (multi-instance) we are looking at migrating our applications to use the LBQ features to help balance the workload on the INDS server(s). Where can I find some best practices for code deployment/configuration, etc for a .NET-based platform to talk to InDesign?


      We will be using the LBQ to help with load management for sure.


      Thanks for any thoughts and direction you can point me to.