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    Fireworks Slideshow


      After trying multiple photo albums from the web, I found the slideshow generator in FW to be the best option for my needs.
      I want to place the slideshow on my website, so I EXPORT the album to my site in DREAMWEAVER. But I noted when I generate the slideshow it creates a index.html which overwrites the original index.html in my site folder. Can anyone please inform on how to work around this. Also, if I generate several slideshows for my site, how can I name them so my site can distinguish the different albums. New to this, so any advice on a streamlined workflow appreciated.
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Genrate your slideshows to a sub folder in your dreamweaver site.

          As for the 'several slideshows...' scenerio, why not just you one slide show, with different Albums. It's less overhead, compact and easier to manage. To add new albums just click the + to the upper right and set properties for that album, and then repeat. Albums in this case is equivlenet to 'Categories' you typically see amoung other slideshows out there.