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    Need some help with air (Beginner)

    looserlf Level 1

      Don't know whether I'm posting this in the right place, but here it goes. I'm relatively new to Flash, and I'm currently working on an Air app in Flash CS5, which displays my site trough HTMLLoader. I'm having a small problem at the login page. What I want to be able to do is log in through the app, and have it remember my username and password, so that it will automatically log me in the next time I open the app. My login has one of those "remember me" check boxes, which is supposed to remember the login details. The problem is when I close the app down, it doesn't store my username and password, so when I reopen it, it just gives me a blank login screen again. How can I fix this?


      Another problem is what happens if the internet cuts out. I've added code into the app, which displays an error message if there's no internet connection, but if the internet cuts out while using the app, it just displays the error message over the site, but everything is still active under it. Is there a way to "kill" HTMLLoader when there's no internet, then have it reopen when it reconnects?



      Thanks in advance.