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    whats a good way to build  a slider in edge? can I buy something to help?




      My client wants a slider like the link below. typcially I'd use wordpress as I own sliders but he doesn't want to use wordpress he's a print guy.




      so he likes using Muse and wants to use Edge. How can I make some sliders with some nice functions in Edge that I can insert into these Muse files he's making?


      do I have to start from scratch and build it old school?  I knew flash quite well and have done things like that in it but always thought it was a hassle.


      I'm hoping there's like a slider product I could buy and use for what we need. I don't see a thing on codecanyon.net


      or alternativly a lead on where I can go to get some paid work done in Edge. I'd like a developer I could turn to from time to time.


      what should I do here?