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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Audio Problem


      Hi guys kinda new to Premiere pro, but first time this has even happened to me.


      See f ica explian this well.


      Ok so i've been editing up loads of gaming footage late all from my Hauppauge Gaming Editon 2. Never had a problem till now, there a clip for some reason the audio is so crazy out of whack its impossable to even try and resync you're self. Like there some bit of it where the near end of the clip auido plays in the for 3 mins then it goes back to being like 20 seconds out of sync. It plays fine in Windows media player and quick time but in adobe it goes NUTS!


      All the other cilps are fine just this one clip has gone crazy on me.


      Any ideas how to fix this.


      Ask away and i'll answer everything i can to the best, need to get this fixed to get this video finish asap...