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    How to set custom Div attributes in Adobe Edge?

    AmintaAdobe Level 1

      Hi all!


      I wonder if is it possible, staying in Adobe Edge Animate, set custom attributes to a Div.


      For example, for the presentation framework "Impress.js",  we have this code:


      <div id="big" class="step" data-x="3500" data-y="2100" data-rotate="180" data-scale="6">

              <p>visualizza le tue <b>grandi</b> <span class="thoughts">idee</span></p>



      So, in EA, we can call a Div (but what kind of Div? A rectangle? A blank box text?) with "big", we can also add the class "step" form the UI but we can't - as far as I know - insert custom attributes.


      Maybe with Jquery "setAttribute"??


      Many thanks!