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    I'm confused about using local fonts in my Edge Animate designs...

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      According to the above blog, it should be possible to have Edge Animate recognize local fonts, but a few moderators are saying it's not yet possible... (I did try the method above and it did not work, but it seems like a reputable blog...) this is a screenshot of what I tried to do with the code from above: Edge_Animate_Font.JPG

      The "Welcome" "Portfolio" etc is styled using @font-face in my original html document that I imported into Edge, but the "Test" div I want to have the same style - I want to be able to create new divs within Edge and keep the same fonts...


      So.... is there a way to use local fonts in Edge, or no?


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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Yes it is possible, apologies if my other answer mislead you.


          In your case it appears to be a case of incorrect reference.


          In your Asset > Font dialog creation process you reference your font family with underscores separating the title

          example: 'waukegan_ldo_extended', Tahoma, sans-serif


          BUT, in your .css files, your fontface reference does not.

          example: font-family: 'waukegan ldo extended';   << notice no underscores


          These two references should match exactly. As a tip, I would recommend to use a single word like WaukeganLdoExtended.