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    You already have a connection to this blog server error

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      I'm brand new to Contribute CS4 and am, unsurprisingly, running into errors. I've spent about an hour hunting around to no avail so I guess I'll just post a question here.


      I'm trying to connecto Contribute to my wordpress.com blog and running into some odd problems.


      I have two blogs, http://blog1.wordpress.com and http://blog2.wordpress.com.


      When I attempt to connect them by simply putting in my wordpress login and password, everything appears to go through properly. In other words, I see both of my blogs listed on the startup screen and am able to click on them.


      The problem is that as soon as I use the dropdown nav on the right to navigate to one my posts to edit it, it takes me to a secure site (https://blog1.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/welcome) and tells me I am viewing a page on a website that I haven't created a connection to.


      S o I attempt to make a connection to the secure version of the blog by going through the wizard, selecting "Other Blog Servers" and inputting the secure link to my blog as well as login and password. That works perfectly for https://blog1.wordpress.com.


      I try to do the same thing for https://blog2.wordpress.com but this is where the problem occurs.  It creates another connection for https://blog1.wordpress.com .  The entry in My Connections reads as such:


           Other Blog Servers     https://blog2.wordpress.com/xmlprc.php

               --> Blog 1 Title          https://blog1.wordpress.com



      I'm at a loss for why it would try to connect to blog1 again instead of blog 2 when I do exactly the same thing for both processes.  Could it be a setting that's different in my two wordpress.com blogs?


      Thanks in advance,