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    all photos have disappeared from organizer in PSE 11


      Help (again),  my computer was running very slowly so I ran some diagnostic and "fixit" programs on it.  After that, I am no longer able to see the photos that were in the albums I created - if I try to reimport them, it says they are already in the catalogue. All I see are white boxes!! I cannot see them in the photo bin of the editor either.  I checked and all my photos are in their original folders where I off-loaded them from my camera. Obviously my fixit program broke the links.  any suggestions on how I can get the photos back, or even just delete the albums and catalogue so that I can start again?  thanks for your help!!


      the really weird thing is that I can do a slideshow of the supposedly missing photos -- but they still don't show up as thumbnails in the albums!!


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          okay, I was able to retrieve all the thumbnails - but the albums that I had created are no longer listed as albums -- guess it doesn't matter but it's very confusing to me -- and I'm not a mac or computer illiterate person - I've used PSE 8 for years and that seemed more intuitive to me!!  I guess I need to get a book -- any suggestions on one that does a step by step?  maybe I need one of those PSE 11 for dummies!!