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    laptop  questions...please help


      I am in the process of picking a laptop that can handle Ae.i have narrowed it it down to sager 9370.with dual nvidea gt670(upgradeable to 680 or the quadro)(at a later date).Does any one have any knowledge or opinions about this product?1500$ as a base price with the ability to upgrade accordingly,is my main reason for considering this laptop.any input would be greatly appreciated..thanx.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          A laptop isn't the best choice for running AE. 

          You can't put much memory in a laptop, and AE loves memory. 

          You have one disk drive in a laptop, and AE runs better with at least two.

          You can't put specialized graphics cards in a laptop, and you might need one for your particular work.


          Now, you CAN run AE on a laptop.  It'll work.  You can do nice, basic things with it.  It's great to have a laptop for AE work when you're on the road.  But if you want to use a laptop as your main AE machine, you'll probably be disappointed.