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    Reverse the coordinate system for scripting


      In the office, we're setting up a workflow using the illustrator coordinate system and coordinates from a database to generate graphics by means of (Java)scripting. On the other hand, we will be processing lots of pdf's, based on the same database-driven coordinates.


      Now, with Illustrator (CS5.1) using a coordinate system with (0,0) on the top-left and pdf's having its zero at the bottom-left, things are getting unnessesarily complex. Is this Adobe's intention or just ill development?


      Already numerous people complained about this coordinate-shift to the 4th quadrant... Why doesn't Adobe respond in a clear and uniform voice? What's up ahead with pdf coordinate system? Anymore surprises coming up?




      http://forums.adobe.com/thread/890507?tstart=30 (solves the negative Y in the visual page / Not in scripting)


      Please Adobe, read these yearsold comments once more and learn from the real world:



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