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    Proximity Dictionary Suddenly Missing

    paulburd Level 1

      I'm running Indesign CS6 (8.0.1) on OS X 10.8 and suddenly when I open files I get an error that says,


      "Hyphenation breaks may change if you edit the text in this document. The following hyphenation services are not installed on this system - Proximity (English: USA)"


      I haven't made any changes so I'm not sure why this is suddenly happening. I tried trashing preferences but it didn't help. I also can't find any way of manually installing Proximity Dictionaries.


      Does anyone know how to fix this? I read on a semi-related thread that someone having a similar problem had to completely uninstall / reinstall the entire creative suite (not just InDesign). That seems so drastic and I would like to avoid that at all costs.

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          paulburd Level 1

          I guess I should have tried this before posting - but I Uninstalled / Reinstalled InDesign and it seems to have fixed the problem. The Proximity Dictionary is back.


          As a note for anyone else doing this - I used the InDesign CS6 Uninstaller lacated in ~/Applications/Utilties/Adobe Installers/, and I checked to box to also delete all preferences. I'm assuming this folder exists because I'm a Creative Cloud member. People who buy InDesign outright may not have this folder.