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    How to texturize layer with imported image


      First time post to this forum!

      Hope it'll be a good one ;D


      I'm importing two separately made images to photoshop; both made from Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. One is a background, the other is just a doodle.



      (orginal doodle)


      What I've done so far is use "Color Range..." to remove just the black, then apply the "Darken" effect within the Layers Pallette.

      (current view)


      What I must know is how to use my doodle layer as a mask; to use the texture from the background image in the doodles brush strokes, but not be seen in the areas that used to be black.


      I aim to use this effect in many kinds of imported images made from my iPad, as well as handwritten graphics. I trust this would be very simple to use with actual typed-out text, but I'm having difficulty to find pre-existing solutions.


      Thanks, folks! Hope this is helpful to others later on!