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    Erros when trying to add E-mail accounts for partner site and customer sites

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      Hi all


      I'm getting errors when I try to add new e-mail accounts for my partner site and under my customer's sites.

      I have linked a video here to show what im doing and the error i get when trying to add new e-mail accounts.




      I tested my partner domain name in zonecheck.fr (www.sitespark.no) and getting som errors there..

      Here is a vido of the zonecheck errors...




      Chattet with adobe and they say the could add and e-mail account and they could also resend the invitation mail without errors.

      I have no idea what to do to fix this and my customers is waiting so they can add e-mail accounts :-/


      I now hope there is a pro-master out there who know what to do to fix this :-)


      Morten - Sitespark