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    How to resize photos in an album


      Once a photo has been imported into an album, how do you resize the photo?


      I am using PSE primarily for photos to my website and the photos need to be within a specific size. So when I import directly from my camera into an album, I need to check the size of each photo and edit the size before going to my website.

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          hatstead MVP

          You can use the crop tool, in Editor and in Organizer. Where is the problem? Please provide more information.

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            texanno1 Community Member

            I am building my website through WordPress but have a professional website designer walk along with me. Actually he set up the website and now I am in the learning curve about WP and using PSE for my pictures. He recommends the pictures to be between 600-800 pixels and 72 dpi. He also says if the pictures are all square they look more professional.


            So if I take a number of pictures with my camera and import directly to my pc and at the same time to PSE, each picture is for sure to be different sizes.


            Thanks for your response and help.

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              hatstead MVP

              If you want to batch process multiple picture files, do the following:


              Place the pictures in a source folder

              Open another (empty) folder which will be the destination folder

              In PSE full Editor, open the pictures in the source folder

              Go to File>process multiple files. In the dialog under Image Size enter the pixel dimentsions, resolution 72px/in. You may, or may not, want to constrain proportions.

              Ok it and point to the destination folder


              For an individual picture, go to File>save for web

              Under New Size, enter the pixel dimensions

              Near the top, change the default "GIF" to "JPEG"


              I prefer to crop the individual pictures manually, esp. since you will be going from a rectangular configuration to a square one. Usually there is some unimportant information that can be cropped away without a deleterious outcome

              Make the crop tool active, and enter the w & h fields in pixels and resolution 72px/in, then drag the crop shield around to suit.


              Try it all out on a few dummy picture files. We will be looking for your progress.

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                texanno1 Community Member

                Thanks a bunch! I have been looking for this kind of detail-have watched many videos on PSE 11 from youtube and Adobe PSE Help and could not find anything about resizing.


                I will try this out on individual photos first and after I am comfortable with this, will try the batch.


                Will let you know about my progress.

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                  dj_paige Community Member

                  This user wants cropping of her photos, making them square.


                  Process multiple files will not do this. It cannot perform a crop.


                  Cropping is the only way to get there, and making sure that the desired elements of the photo remain inside the cropped area.

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                    hatstead MVP

                    Cropping and resizing are not the same thing. Unfortunately the terms are used indiscriminately by the uninitiated.


                    Texanno1 can resize picture files if desired, and, as pointed out, crop to a square,