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    Buttons again (and form calculation) in last app release ###

    Folobo Community Member

      Hi all, here http://indesignsecrets.com/for-interactive-pdf-not-all-readers-are-equal.php

      i read:


      Navigation Buttons: Buttons like Go to Next Page or Go to Previous Page work in Apple Preview, Good Reader (iOS) and PDF Expert (iOS) but not the other apps. But no other application or app I found supports other kinds of buttons (like Show/Hide).


      I want to ask if the last release now support button and form calculation!

      The faq (are updated?) say that the form calculation are not supported also in last release - is it confirm?


      And about button? Go to Next Page/Go to Previous Page/submit button or what action work or not?

      This is very important for many grapich designer!

      Many thanks.