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    TOC Links and Bookmarks

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      Hello InDesign community,


      I seek your advice and assistance with resolving an issue related to Table of Contents and Bookmarks created in books in InDesign CS6 for Mac (v8.0.1).


      I have created a book in ID which contains a few chapters. There is a TOC at the beginning of the book based on Headings created in Paragraph Styles . In TOC style, I have selected the option to create PDF bookmarks. When I have exported the book, using the book panel, I have used the following settings for interactive and print respectively.


      PDF Export settings.png

      (I have also tried creating interactive without the 'Use Structure for Tab Order' checkbox marked)


      My problem is when one clicks on the bookmarks (in Acrobat) the bookmark navigates through the document to the respective page only, rather than to the heading which the bookmark refers. The same occurs if one clicks on the documents TOC links (that appear on page iv).


      Bookmarks v TOC.png


      What is even more interesting is that a colleague sent me a PDF that was created in MS Word and converted to PDF using Acrobat X and the links behave perfectly, that is, they go directly to he heading requested. ID is a a professional page layout software, yet I am unable to get bookmarks and TOC links behave in the same fashion as a PDF created by Word and Acrobat.  I must be doing something wrong....


      I looked at the bookmarks (in Acrobat) for each document and noticed some differences see pictures below.


      Properties of bookmarks created from a Word Document using Acrobat X (Windows)

      Word Doc.png


      Properties of bookmarks created from Adobe InDesign

      Indesign Doc.png


      My questions, therefore are:


      1. How can one edit the links in the document's own Table of Contents (as generated using TOC funtion of ID) so that the links link directly to the heading they are suppose to.

      2. How can one modify automatically the way bookmarks are created by ID so that they behave in the same fashion as ones created by Acrobat during Word Document conversion.

      3. What are 'named destinations' and how can one create them and/or link them to the TOC links?


      I know this sounds complicated, but I would like to be able to have users of documents click a link and be taken directly to the information they have requested to view rather than just to the page. Is this possible with ID or is it just the domain of PDF created from Word Docs (surely not?) ?


      I thank you in advance for your comments and feedback.