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    How do I include the heading of the table of contents in the table of contents?

    swknudsen Level 1

      I am preparing a table of contents in InDesign CS3 (Macintosh OSX 10.5.8)


      I have added all the paragraph styles to the list of paragraph styles I want to appear in my Table of Contents.

      However, I would also like the table of contents itself to appear in the table of contents:


      In case the table of contents is placed on page 3, it want it to look like this



      Table of contents:


      Title page....page 1

      Acknowledgements...page 2

      Table of contents ...page 3

      Table of figure...page 6

      Chapter 1...page 10


      and so on..



      I have included the paragraph style in the list of paragraph styles I want have appearing in my table of contents. But this does not result in an entry in my table of contents that is named 'table of contents'.


      I would be grateful for any kind of advice.

      Thanks in advance