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    SSD and HDD : Master Collection CS6 installation problem


      Hi everyone,


      I have recently bought CS6 Master Collection suite for Windows.

      I have a computer with a SSD (near full) and a HDD. I want to install the Master Collection CS6 on my HDD.

      But when I enter my cd key, and I access the menu of the installation, the software says that several softwares have to be installed on the SSD (although I have chosen the HDD). It mentioned that 2.4gb will be installed on the SSD.

      But when the installation finishes, it is not 2.4gb that are installed on my SSD, but more than 7GB! and I do not have enough space to install these 7GB on the SSD. And in parallel, only 3GB are installed on my HDD.

      How to solve this problem, and install the Suite only on the HDD (or install only the 2.4gb mentioned during the installation on the SSD)?

      Thank you very much!