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    Publishing No Updated, Optimized HTML and .js files not updated


      Hi everybody.


      I'm working in a project and everything was fine until my Published Files not are updated.


      When I write some code, and preview in browser, the new code works well, but, when I publish, and I tested the optimized files, created from publishing process, all is showed in a older version, maybe it's showing the last version when the publishing proces function well.


      I Know that i can upload to the server the originals files, but is better upload the optimized files.


      Thanks in advanced.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Can you confirm that you are uploading the correct published versions?


          The default location is /publish/web under the same directory as the project folder.


          You can verify the published location in the File > Publish > Target Directory dialog as captured below



          I made this mistake a few times and uploaded an older version, after changing the above target directory.



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            <ysk8> Level 1

            Thanks heathrowe, but in my case, the path is right.



            Buuuuuut, I found the reason because of I Though that the Publishing process going "wrong", and is..., but I don't know why. In my code I have a button than run a playReverse(); and one animation don't does it that. the playReverse, the animation simply is a transition from a Opacity 100% to 0%, and that was the reason I thought the publish not function well, because in preview in browser (command enter) the animation is show ok, but in the published file, not; the animation is remain in Opacity 100%. Then, I compared with the animations that are ok in the same file, I found that a key frame as is showed in the image, was the reason because the animation in the published file no functions well. Simply I deleted the keyframe and the animation begins to function well. I share two image, one, with the issue, and one, with the solution, for you analisis.





            I Repeat, I don't Know why is happening that, because in preview browser, function well, but when is published not.