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    Where does acrobat put the batch processing javascript files


      After spending all of a day figuring out what I could of the Acrobat JavaScript API, I wrote a script that my wife the notary and her friends might find handy.  Where does acrobat stuff away that script I entered in the batch processing authoring UI?  I poked around the filesystem and registry and it didn't jump out at me.  Putting it on my wife's computer is not an issue.  But, if she wants to hand it out to her friends, I'd like to wrap it in a simple installer script or something.


      My setup:

      Win 7, Acrobat 7


      The script is pretty trivial.  It scans through a large PDF with different page sizes and breaks it into sub files -- each with contiguious pages of the same size for printing since notaries have to print a lot and per-page costs for legal add up in volume so this helps them not waste money on that. 


      The API is very cool.