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    Edge Animate Stage size in Dreamweaver fluid grid

    glenroyDAVIE Level 1

      I have developed an animation and have almost everything scaling and resizing acceptably in a Dreamwaevr template...except the stage.


      In Edge animate I have a stage size that is 1212px x 400px. When the animation is viewed on a PC all the dimensions are fine, but when viewed in tablet or mobile phone, the vertical height remains at 400px... which leaves an enormous gap between the bottom of the animation and the next div.


      I have set the stage dimensions to %, and have turned on the "link width & height" switch, and the stage still does not respond in vertical height.


      How can I get the stage to respond vertically with a fluid grid layout in Dreamweaver?


      I also note that every time I open up a previously saved Edge Animate file, the stage automatically opens the file at 550x400px, instead of the correct dimension for that animation, so that I have to then reset the stage size to what is correct for that animation... ..any reason this may be so?