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    How to eliminate a signature space interfering with editing


      I upgraded FormsCentral to a paid account, and I am now trying to finish up the second form of only two forms that I intend to use with FormsCentral.  But, I have run into this bottleneck:


      I had included a space for signature at the bottom of the form, which I don’t really need.  Subsequently, I decided to eliminate the signature space and make one other editing change.  But, when I went back to edit the form in Acrobat XI Pro, I got an error message saying “This document has been signed and can not be edited.”    Well, I never signed it.  I just have a blank Signature field in place, which I want to delete and make one other editing change.  How can I get the form to be editable again?


      And, I have one other question:  Is there a way to change the form from a PDF form to a Web form?.


      Thanks very much for your help,