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    How would you do this?


      Check out this cool way to customize colors of iPhones




      Was wondering the best way to get this functionality done? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.





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          FeZEC Adobe Community Professional

          simply put, create a block level element that houses an image.  If all images are the same size, you can specify the height, of the container which means you can also center the container.  now when you click on a particular thumbnail on the page, via javascript you can specify the src of the housed image of the "popup" container.  When the thumbnail is also clicked you can reveal the "popup"   to achieve the focus effect, (the darkening of everyone on the screen behind the popup) you can add an additional block level element that is widht:100% and height:100%  and background:#000; whos opacity will go from 0 to .5 upon reveal.  The other way is to google for a jquery modal box, or dialog box.  http://archive.plugins.jquery.com/project/modalBox

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            G8ofH8 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply I will look into the jquery plugin!